Keerah Carter has a background of

more than 8+ years in the beauty, cosmetics, fashion and modeling industries. Keerah was crowned Ms. Wisconsin.

In her career as an independent image, beauty, and etiquette consultant, Keerah aims to inspire self-esteem and self-confidence to teen girls and women through makeup and beyond as well as corporate executives and community leaders. She has written blogs and and appeared on radio and television. She is also known for her great work in charity and volunteerism.

Keerah believes every gift and talent is created within each person to serve and uplift others. She says, 

Currently, Keerah is involved with a host of things in and throughout the world.

Keerah believes in the importance of giving back and making a difference in the world around her. Through
many of life’s challenges that she has experienced, she has found great comfort in assisting Young teens to become their best selves!!!