The Powder Room Finishing School is an etiquette program with five areas crafted to aid in every girl’s development process. The journey from being a little girl to blossoming into a young woman is both a beautiful and challenging time. The Powder Room’s vision and mission are to provide avenues for individual expression while teaching manners, charm, and character development.

Additionally, founder Keerah Yeowang is committed to giving every young woman she encounters the gift of self-confidence as it speaks before a girl ever opens her mouth. She desires that each woman that attends The Powder Room Finishing School learn life-changing lessons that inspire, empower, and help them achieve greatness.

The program comprises five majors that aim to equip them with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to help them thrive in the fashion and modeling industry. Those course areas are etiquette, modeling, beauty, fashion, and pageantry. Keerah believes these programs are more vital than ever, considering the state of pre-teen and teenage girls everywhere.

A study by Dr. Melissa Mercado found that teen girls, a part of Generation Z, are shaped by smartphones. This factor and the accompanying rise of social media have resulted in an unprecedented crisis. Rates of teen depression and suicide have skyrocketed since 2011. It’s not an exaggeration to describe GenZ as approaching the brink of the worst mental-health crisis in decades.

You may be wondering why this program is essential for the present day. As Keerah began to help girls across the nation, one heart-breaking reality she witnessed repeatedly was the constant comparison to others and the battle over the ever-changing beauty standards. Keerah aggressively seeks to demolish the devastating effects of social misuse, such as cyberbullying and body shaming. One way you can help her is by joining the cause to change the lives of young girls across our nation.


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Giving Girls Power in the Powder Room

According to Dove, only 4% of girls find themselves beautiful worldwide.

It is time to change that! The Powder Room Finishing School was created to provide girls an outlet to grow in their confidence, learn etiquette and have fun with makeup, modeling, fashion, and pageantry.

Founder Keerah Yeowang knows how tough it can be to look in the mirror and not like what you see. She has studied body positivity and learned that adolescent girls think about their appearance more than three hours a day! Equipped with that knowledge, she sprung into action and designed a program to help young women build confidence, self-esteem, poise, and class.

Keerah is on a mission is to change women’s perspectives of themselves by combining her philanthropic spirit and her than 8+ years in the beauty, cosmetics, fashion, and modeling industries.

After Keerah was crowned United States of America’s Ms. 2022 she felt an even greater urgency to help young women everywhere know that they are beautiful…fearfully and wonderfully made.

In her career as an independent image, beauty, and etiquette consultant, Keerah aims to inspire self-esteem and self-confidence to teen girls and women through make-up and beyond. Additionally, she seeks to serve women in all seasons of life, including corporate executives and community leaders.

Keerah has written blogs and appeared on both radio and television. She is also known for her outstanding work in charity and volunteerism. Keerah is taking her passion to the next level by developing the Powder Room Finishing School (TPRFS).

TPRFS has five areas of focus:



Pageant Preparation

Make-up Fundamentals


Giving Girls Power in the Powder Room

This industry component teaches aspiring models the fundamental knowledge to begin a modeling career. The Powder Room teaches young women about poses, photoshoot preparation, portfolio creation, runway readiness and much more!

This industry component introduces women to the foundations of fashion. The Powder Room explains the importance of dressing for body type, understanding fabrics, gives lessons on designer style, and provides guidance for those wanting to pursue careers or businesses in the fashion industry.

In The Powder Room, women will be taught about the foundations of make-up selection, application, and skin care essentials.

This industry component prepares young ladies for all aspects of pageant life. The Powder Room shares her experience and provides a guidebook that assists in navigating the pageant scene culturally, emotionally, and practically.

These classes include etiquette lessons for manners, dining, wardrobe and accessories, interviews, first impressions, networking, communication, social entertaining, issuing, and accepting invitations and attending family gatherings.

the powder room



For Ages 5+


For Ages 12+


For Ages 12+


For Ages 6+


For Ages 12+

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All inclusive courses, small group, and one on one sessions are available upon request.

Do you love what we are doing and want to get involved, but you live in another city?

The Powder Room Finishing School is based in Milwaukee, WI and partners with schools, youth organizations, and hosts group sessions. If you’re interested in TPR coming to your city, please click here…