Wait, wait, wait a minute now, Miss Thing. Hear me out before you go calling the beauty police. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had returning clients that say something along the lines of “I wore that makeup for three days on my vacation!” To which I would lightly scold them by saying, “It’s not that deep; you can get your makeup done again. Never wear makeup to sleep!” I know you’re thinking, “what sane person would wear makeup days in a row?” and I’m with you, lol. The real question at hand is, how are they able to wear makeup for days at a time?


I will tell anyone that not one product can make your makeup last longer, womp womp womp. As beauty consumers, we are used to products that are advertised as 24hr wear and are disappointed when our makeup melts. For many people, especially beginners, it’s hard to grasp that primer or setting spray alone won’t make your makeup last longer.


Here are some of my recommendations for makeup that wears beautifully all day:


    1. Knowing your skin type.
      1. By knowing your skin type, you can prep and prime accordingly. Ex. Someone with oily skin probably wouldn’t want to use an illuminating primer because it’s designed to give a luminous look to the skin.
    2. Use multiple primers
      1. Do you have combination skin? I bet your t-zone is oily, right? Try using different primers for different parts of the face. For many of my clients, I use a mattifying primer on their oily areas and a more moisturizing one in their dry areas.
    3. Powder is king.
      1. Don’t be afraid to double and triple up on powder! *Gasp. Girl, yes! Powder your primer before foundation if you are excessively oily. Use a translucent powder to set your face, even try a foundation powder for some extra oomph in your coverage (We don’t glam shame over here; cake it up!.).
      2. Bonus: Don’t be afraid to touch up throughout the day! Girl stuff happens, and if your makeup isn’t bulletproof, it doesn’t make you any less skilled if you have to blot a little here and there!

    Simple, right? But it’s effective. These foundational elements take you a long way in your makeup journey. Master these principles, and people will be asking for your business cards.