I did my makeup and honey; I looked fabulous. I mean head to toe fabulous.

I laced up my second heel (chile, I must have been feeling exceptionally good to wear heels for no reason) and I looked in the mirror, taking off a single accessory. I blew myself a kiss at my reflection before stepping out and tackling the day.

I came. I saw. I contoured.

I pulled out my phone to take a selfie as we women do and dun dun duuunnnnnnnn.

My makeup was garbàge.

  • Contour was muddy
  • Eyebrows were blocky
  • Foundation wasn’t blended down my neck

I looked like I had on a mask. Eeeekkkkk! A makeup artist with bad makeup? I’d certainly committed a deadly sin.

Shhhhh….. I’m gonna fill you in on the secret to nailing your makeup every time.


It’s common knowledge in the beauty space. But not everyone uses it.

Do you do your makeup in the bathroom? Or in your bedroom and the room is yellow?

The lighting directly affects the finish of your makeup. Why? I thought you’d never ask!

Lighting adjusts the color in the room, thus altering what the colors of your makeup look like. Your bronzer can look pretty and flushed just right, but in reality, it’s orange and splotchy.

The best way to do your makeup is in natural lighting; if you have natural light bulbs in your bathroom or bedroom, that’s great. An even better way to do your makeup is in front of a WINDOW in direct sunlight. I’m telling you, Miss Thing, it’s golden. Transforms your whole routine and helps you see your makeup for what it is.